The Daily Jugantor

Te Daily Jugantor is a popular daily national newspaper. The newspaper is printed and published by Jamuna Printing and Publishing Ltd. established in 1999. Presently, the administrative operations are looked after by Jamuna Media Ltd. set up in 2002.

within a few months of its publication, the newspaper gained tremendous popularity. It quickly reached the top position in terms of circulation and availability. The newspaper is run by a team of highly motivated professionals with years of experience in journalism and the print media. Popularity of daily Jugantor can be attributed to its gutful, fair and neutral reporting of news and events and meaningful and constructive editorials. With its distinctive approach, the newspaper has been able to satisfy readers expectation and its circulation figure stands as a testament to its broad base of readership.



Year of inception          200

Location                     North Kamalapur, Dhaka.

daily circulation           2,70,000

Manpower                   850.