Shameem Spinning Mills Ltd.

Shameem Spinning Mills Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises of Jamuna Group. It is fully auto-coned and auto-spliced with most modern machineries and supported by the best laboratory facilities and advanced testing equipment to ensure highest standard of quality. It has 50,000 spindles. Production capacity is 24,000 kg/day . One of the major  products are cotton yarn, blended yarn, melange yarn etc.

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Year of inception:           1996

Location                  :      Shafipur, Gazipur.

Products                 :    Export oriented cotton yarn,

Blended yarn, Mlange yarn, etc.

Installed                 :       50,000 spindles

Production Capacity :      24,000 kg. per day.

Manpower                :      1,500.



1 PC 45/1 & 38/1, Weaving Quality & upto 34/1, Knit Quality.
2 CVC 20/1, To 34/1, Knit Quality
3 Grey Melange 20/1, To 34/1, Knit Quality
4 Ecru Melange 20/1, To 34/1, Knit Quality
5 Viscose 100%, 50% /50% & 20/1, To 34/1 Knit Quality
6 TR, Modal + Cotton, AM.
7 60/1, 50/1, Carded Weaving Quality


List of machineries


S/N Section Name/Model No/Quantity Manufacturer/Country of Origin
A (i) Blow Room 6 Scutcher + 2 line ScutcnerHennatex, India
(ii) Blow Room Line China
(iii) Blow Room 2 Scutcher + 1 line Trumac, India
B (i) Carding (ii) Carding   (iii) Carding China Carding. A168F 56 m/c Crosrol Card MK-5B, 3 m/c (Tandom Card) Crosrol Card Mk-6, 3 m/c China England China
C (i) Drawing (ii) Drawing (iii) Drawing (iv) Drawing Draw Frame, FA-302 10m/c Draw Frame, DFK 2CD, 10m/c Draw Frame, DX 7 ALT, 04 10m/c Draw Frame, RSB-D35, 02m/c Jintan, China Texmaco, India Toyota, Japan Rieter, Germany.
D (i) Simplex (ii) Simplex Speed Frame FA-401, 18 m/c speed Frame 01 m/c Jintan, China Texmaco, India
E Ring Frame Ring Frame FA-506, 104 m/c Jingwei, China
F (i) Auto Cone (ii) Auto Cone Winding Espero-M, 8 m/c Winding Murata 7-5, 6 m/c Winding Murata 7-7, 2m/c Savio, Italy Murata, Jpan.