Quality Process

Jamuna Group is committed to ensure better life through quality products.

Ensure strict compliance with international standards and local regulatory norms in every phase of sourcing and procuring quality materials, Manufacturing, quality assurance of its products.

Jamuna Group is committed to undertake appropriate review, evolution and performance measurement of processes, business activities and quality management system for continuous improvement to ensure high satisfaction, developing human resources and Jamuna is dedicated to advanced technology Growth.

With Jamuna Group�s steady and successful expansion into diverse business sectors, the need for product innovation and scientific production methods became inevitable. The Group was quick to respond to the need of the hour and formed the Central Research and Development Cell (CRDC). CRDC carries out research on basic engineering science, product innovation, market research, production processes, etc. CRDC maintains close relationship and professional affiliation with leading research centers and institutions of the world to support its modus operandi.

Jamuna Group believes that the road to success depends on implementing newer and improved production practices, bringing in product innovations, minimizing costs and maximizing on efficiency. Jamuna Group realizes that to become the market leader in the competitive business scenario, one needs to constantly bring in change and offer better and alternate product choice to the end users. This can only be achieved through continuous research and development. Thus, the Group attaches high importance to the activities of CRDC and focuses on expansion of the cell.