Jamuna Television

The govt. of Bangladesh has extended the media entertainment up to the private sectors of the country. Being inspired by this Free Sky culture, Jamuna Group of Industries in the business as well as cultural ventures, is presently working to establish a TV-Channel both in Terrestrial and Satellite network country wide.

On February 05,2002 Jamuna Group obtained the license from the Govt. to establish and operate a TV-Channel titled Jamuna Television Ltd. (JTV). True to its spirit of entrepreneurial leadership, Jamuna Television Ltd. is being structured with state of the art digital broadcast system.


the channel will be equipped with the latest digital broadcast hardware and software sourced from leading broadcast manufacturers of USA, Japan, France, etc. The Channel will be aimed at modest infotainment (information + entertainment) for the public with neutral policy.

Construction of the building has already been completed at the Jamuna Future Park. This modern building will house the earth station. broadcast equipment, editing panels, studio, logistic and administrative sections, marking it a totally self sufficient television network of the country.

the vision of Jamuna Television is to become the Number 1 television network of the country and to have the largest transmission footprint outside the country.