Jamuna Distilery Ltd.

Jamuna Distillery Ltd. was established in technical collaboration with the China National chemical Construction Corporation (CNCCC) of China. The plant is considered to be the largest of its kind in Bangladesh. It started operation to produce industrial and pharmaceutical alcohol of international standard. Its effluent treatment plant was set up to bring down the BOD and COD levels of water and waste water. Thus, the plant operates within the standard limit of Environmental Pollution Control. The plant also produces biogas which in turn is used as fuel for its boiler unit. It thus, contributes in saving huge quantity of energy resource of the country. The factory has a capacity to expand its operation further in future.
Year of inception :           1988

Location                  :    Ongly, Natore

Products                 :    Industrial and Pharmaceuticals alcohol

Production capacity:     4.5 million liters per annum

Manpower              : 200