Jamuna Denims Ltd (Weaving)

It’s a denim fabric producing unit that can produce every type of denim fabric starting from basic to fancy items like slub, chambray, cross hatch, bradford etc starting from 4.5 oz to 14.5 oz comparable to the modern trend of denim market. We are specialized in stretch denim as we are having the stenter machine that is required for special treatment of lycra. We are equipped with Mercerizing-Desizing range for flat, soft & over dyed denim fabric. Also we can produce various coated denim fabric like PU coated, waxy finish, laminated, pigment/dye coated as we are having coating head as well.
It is equipped with the modern machineries consisting of latest, guaranteed & precision technologies sourced from Switzerland, Italy, USA, Japan, India, China & Taiwan.

We are equipped of three lines of production (unit-1 & unit-2) with a total capacity of 2.1 million meter per month of which 1.5 million meter is consumed by our own garment division.

The company is having modern laboratory facility, equipped with all testing equipments for analysis & testing of incoming & produced materials. The production unit is effectively supported by the utility like boiler, generator, compressor, chiller, humidification & effluent treatment plant (ETP).
Jamuna Denim is a well known name in the Denim Industry, started in the year 2005. It’s a composite unit that is capable of making denim garments as it’s final output. The yarn is being made at Shameem Spinning, denim fabric at Jamuna denims ltd.(textile division), garments at Jamuna denims ltd.(garment division) and knitting & knit dyeing at Jamuna knitting & dyeing ltd.(knitting & knit dyeing division) all are under the same roof & same big name Jamuna Group Of Industries Ltd.


Year of inception     :       2005Location                 :       Konabari, Gazipur.

Product                 :       Denim fabric.

(4.5 oz to 14.5 oz)

Production capacity  :       21,00,000 meter per month.

No. of employees     :       1000



List of Machineries:


Unit-1 :

Warping                                   :           Benninger, Switzerland (one no.)

Slasher dyeing/sizing                 :           Benninger, Switzerland(one no.)

Loom (Airjet)                           :           Model_ZAX-e (Airjet)

:           Tsudakoma, Japan (80 nos.)

Finishing                                   :           Sprottorimar, Italy (one no.)

Inspection                                 :           Amoeba, Taiwan (4 nos.)

Stenter with coating head          :           Harish/Taskar, India (one no.)


Unit-2 :

Warping                                   :           PANON, Taiwan (2 nos.)

Slasher dyeing/sizing                 :           PANON, Taiwan (2 nos.)

Loom ( Airjet)                          :           Model_JAT-710 (Airjet)

:           Toyota, Japan (70 nos.)

Finishing                                   :           Advance machinery, Taiwan (one no.)

Inspection                                 :           Almac, India (2 nos.)

Desizing-Mercerizing                 :           Kyoto machinery co. ltd., China.


Lab Equipments                     :           USA, UK & Germany.



Boiler                                       :           Thermax, India (2 nos.)

Generator                                 :           Caterpillar, USA (4 nos.)

Compressor                             :           Ingersoll Rand, Singapore (5 nos.)

:           Kaeser, Germany (5 nos.)

:           ELGI, India (one no.)

ETP                                         :           Thermax, India (one no.)

Humidification Plant                  :           LTG, UK ( 2 sets)

Chiller                                      :           Thermax, India (2 sets)