Future Expansion

Jamuna Group’s constant quest for new industrial and business opportunities at home and abroad and its pursuit in diversification  has always been the driving force of the Group’s competitive advantage. It still carries on its journey of discovering newer frontiers of entrepreneurial leadership. It strives to conquer newer fields and newer horizons. The Group has plans to expand its area of operations further in the following, yet unexplored sectors.



* Hospital

* Paper Mill

* Fertilizer

* Jute

* Pharmaceutical

* Resort & Hotel


In spite of its successful ventures in numerous industrial and business sectors of the country, the Group does not believe in limiting its scope of business. Being one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh, Jamuna Group has a vision to make the country self sufficient both technologically and financially. This can only be achieved if the country can outsource all its requirements through the domestic sector lessening its dependence on foreign expertise and resources.


This farsighted approach makes Jamuna Group to explore newer horizons and serves as a guideline for its �Road map to Future’s  Like always, Jamuna Group believes in playing a pioneering role and will continue to do so in the years ahead.